Providing Free Hospital Services in Bismil

continues to provide free hospital service
continues to provide free hospital service

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, Bismil district, the citizens of the free use of the 2 public transport daily routine between 07.00 and 17.30 hours of hospital service continues.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide 2 public transportation hospital service services in Bismil district where citizens benefit free of charge. In the town of Bismil, the city buses, which are allocated for the free transportation of the citizens to the hospital located outside the city center, continue to serve the citizens despite the false claims.

Diyarbakir Governor and Metropolitan Mayor V. Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu'nun 18 on January 2018 during his visit to the town of Bismil citizens, buses to the hospital located outside the center of the town requested a free transport. In line with Mr. Güzeloğlu's instructions, the district governor and the Deputy Mayor of Bismil signed a contract with 31 until March 2019 for the free transportation of citizens to the hospital area. 31 where local elections were held On March 2019, the free shuttle service was terminated due to non-renewal of minibus contracts.

The buses allocated to the Bismil Municipality by the previous management to provide service disruptions on the instructions of Mr. Guzeloglu, the allocation process was canceled, the control of the Metropolitan Municipality continued to free hospital transportation to citizens.

Vehicles are open between 07.00 and 17.30

After the transfer of the free hospital service to the Greater Municipality, some press and social media accounts made claims that the N 2 bus, which provides free access to the hospital in Bismil, was taken back by the trustee sız, and claims that did not reflect the truth. Contrary to the efforts to create a negative perception in the eyes of the metropolitan municipality, the free hospital service that is allocated continues to serve our Bismilli citizens between 07.00 and 17.30 hours.

Thanks to the Metropolitan and Mr. Güzeloğlu

Stating that it is very important for the Bismillis to provide free transportation service to hospitals, Özlem said, uz We are very pleased with the services, the allocation of free vehicles to our people is very good for the people of Bismil ”and thanked those who contributed to the services.

Asmin Inci Dal said, otobüs It is said that the buses that provide free transportation to hospitals have been removed but there is no such thing. We are very pleased with the free bus service. We would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and the Governor for providing this service ”.

A citizen who doesn't want to give his name said, bugün It turned out that the news circulating in social media is a lie today. It turned out that the citizens were transferred from the city center to the state hospital free of charge..

Women who benefited from public transportation free of charge thanked the authorities for the free transportation service given that they were economically difficult.

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