CHP Tanal: 'Söğütlüçeşme YHT Station Dirt Rust Inside'

chpli tanal refrigeration yht station dirt rust inside
chpli tanal refrigeration yht station dirt rust inside

High-speed train traveling by CHP Mahmut Tanal'ın Söğütlüçeşme YHT Station in the video, the passengers are not put in the escalator works continuously. Tanal shared the waiting chairs in the dirt rust in the photos.

According to the news in the Republic; CH CHP Istanbul Deputy Av. Mahmut Tanal, Söğütlüçeşme High Speed ​​Train Station before the departure time this morning saw the shortcomings and mistakes, video recordings and photos shared with the social media account.


Tanal shared in the video, while the passengers are seen to work non-stop, although the escalator is closed non-stop, the CHP deputy reacting to the sleep mode of the CHP deputy, "What is not wasted? The escalators in the early morning are run to no avail. It shouldn't be too hard to get to sleep. The bill of this waste is directly or indirectly reflected to the citizen. ”


Tanal also shared photos from the passenger waiting room at the station and pointed out the lack of care of the seating chairs. Who knows what others are like if the main station is like this ”.

In addition, Tanal stated that the capacity of the waiting rooms is insufficient and said: “Each 6 wagon train is called at least 30 people. This makes 180 people. Waiting room 40. There is not enough space for the citizen to sit. There is winter, there is snow, there is cold ”.

chpli tanal refrigeration yht station dirt rust inside
chpli tanal refrigeration yht station dirt rust inside


CHP Mahmut Tanal, the number of toilets inadequate and at a distance, noting that, “After passing through the security of the toilet no longer in your area. It's on the other side. He paid. People-oriented service should be produced. First of all, the toilets must be free and close to the citizen's location. Citizens should be considered in such areas ”.

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