CHP Cakir: 'Rail Transportation Technologies Institute should be established in Karabuk'

chpli cakir rail transport technologies institute
chpli cakir rail transport technologies institute

CHP Karabük Provincial Chairman Abdullah Cakir, Rail Technologies Institute should be established in Karabuk, he said.

Provincial Chairman Cakir, Rail Transport Technologies Institute said the city was seen too.

Karabük, Turkey's iron and steel demands of the dignity that lived for years in the world steel production in Turkey 8. Çakır stated that he has shown his economic and technical power to the whole country and said, “Today, it has become a necessity to switch to a technology-intensive industry in order to maintain the competitiveness of Karabük economy and to secure its place in national and international markets. Although his organized power came from the TSO, the AK Party executives are blindfolded and have deaf ears.

Although we, as CHP and all businessmen in Karabük, KBU, KARDEMİR adhere to the age and new competition conditions of the industrial infrastructure, Iron and Steel Institute, Rail Systems Engineering, Technopark, although the support of university-industry cooperation at every opportunity 'Rail The Institute of Transportation Technologies' is very much seen. It is necessary to remember that KARDEMİR AŞ. and Karabük University, our two competent institutions in the field of Rail Transport Technology, both scientific and product-based studies have shown so far. All Turkey knows that a large part of the country's railway technology needed KARDEMİR with local and national resources are provided from aş..

It is also known that it is better to establish the Institute of Rail Transport Technologies in Karabük instead of Gebze. I would like to call on all the political party executives, especially the ruling party, to establish a joint cooperation with the Rail Transportation Technologies Institute, which will shape the future of Karabük. Let us struggle together to bring this institute, which is in the interest of Karabük, to our city. We ask the relevant ministry to reconsider Karabük's decision and demand that it reconsider its decision. The Institute of Rail Transport Technologies should be established in Karabük. ”

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