Mirrored Measure at Intersections in Karaman


Karaman Municipality, the intersection and a narrow view of the street from both sides of the road vehicles can be seen in the mirror placed comfortably.

Karaman Municipality Transportation Services Directorate continues its efforts to facilitate traffic flow by placing mirrors on intersections where there is no or narrow visibility. Mayor Savas Kalayci, Industrial Bridge Interchange and Larende underpass at the side of the exit point of view is weak, stating that the traffic flow by putting a mirror said.

Mayor Kalaycı said that they continued the works that relieve the urban traffic without interrupting: “As the Karaman Municipality, the road arrangements we have started to create a peaceful and safe transportation network in the city center are continuing. In order to prevent traffic accidents and to see the vehicles coming from the side of the drivers easily, we have installed blind point mirrors on the Industrial Interchange and Larende Underpass. In this way, drivers coming from the same direction can see each other more easily and can continue their routes safely. The drivers are also very pleased with the ease of traffic flow. We will continue to apply blind spot mirrors to the required intersections. Meanwhile, our Transportation Services Directorate teams; gel He continues his pontoon work, which prevents the flow of traffic to prevent the arrival of a beautiful park, and renews the road lines in traffic signs and signs and pedestrian crossings throughout the city. ”

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