İmamoğlu: 'Cancel the tender for Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Train Stations and Give Places to IMM'

cancel the tender for imamoglu haydarpasa and sirkeci stations and give places to ibbye
cancel the tender for imamoglu haydarpasa and sirkeci stations and give places to ibbye

Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu said that if the tender for the operation of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations is not given to the IMM, he will not leave the door and called on the Ministry of Transport to cancel the tender and give the IMM the venues.

Ekrem İmamoğlu, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has taken over the services, difficulties and projects that he / she wants to implement. Sözcüfrom Özlem Güvemli and Hande Zeyrek. Ekrem İmamoğlu said, "We will beautify Istanbul together." The chairman emphasized that he was a follower of waste in Istanbul and said that they will present the waste they had prevented at the end of December, when they filled their sixth month. "We will share the waste table we prevented and the savings policies we have set out with Istanbul," said Imamoglu.


Stating that the current account deficit of the IMM budget they took over when he took office is over 10 billion TL, İmamoğlu said, “A budget with a deficit of over 10 billion has a single chance of being managed, borrowing. This is said by the IMM management of that period, which prepared this budget last year. They put around 3.6 billion TL of borrowing items in the budget at that time. We borrowed 1.5 billion TL. We wanted another 700 million. I expect the AKP group to do what suits them, to keep their promise to Istanbul, and to approve our request to borrow 700 million lira at the IMM Assembly on Thursday or Friday. ”


Stating that the institution has current debts from the past, Imamoğlu said: “If 100 sites were established in the previous period, 75-80 percent of them have stopped today. I am visiting every district with AKP and CHP. Whichever county I go, 10 of the 8 jobs have stopped. Whatever you want in the name of parking garage, metro, park, school, dormitory or technical area, it stands at 80 percent. We have to collect and finish the projects, we have to pay the current debts. There is a budget deficit and debt management. ”


Imamoglu spoke about the rental cars returned to the task after being returned to the surplus. Imamoglu, who is used by the surplus vehicles used “When I came to the task of the surplus 730 rental car, between the two choices were returned to the companies where 517 rental. An interesting detail is that the GPS system was shut down before the 1.5 months before the June elections. In such a scheme, it would be political throwing mud to give information about who was assigned those vehicles. I don't throw mud, let people guess. I have a lot of sensations. There is information transferred. When I accept the evidence and tell him, he'il go somewhere else. I'm not on that side, but I'm a follower of waste. U


Imamoğlu concluded his speech by stating that the parties are a means to serve: im I have said this everywhere. The point is that people feel happy. The event that I wanted to realize my life philosophy took place spontaneously in this election. An environment of supra-politics and parties was born. This gives me responsibility as well as advantage. What I want to do sometimes connects you if you feel a political handcuff, I don't have a political handcuff in my soul right now. I have another advantage that the leader of a party thinks so. If the president thought otherwise, or if the leader's ego was a prominent person, we would have a hard time doing what we wanted. Let's surrender. The way I walk now clears the stones beneath my feet. It's a good thing. ”


Hezarfen Consultancy Limited Company and İBB consortium, which belonged to the former director of the Archers Foundation, ended in the tender held by TCDD on October 29 to rent the idle storage areas of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci for 4 thousand square meters of warehouse. While the parties are waiting for an invitation to negotiate, İmamoğlu reacted strongly to the process experienced since the tender came to the agenda. it contains administrative corruption, suspicion and disgrace. ”


Calling on “Cancel the tender and give it to İBB”, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu said: “If they are seeking 'we are trying to give it to someone else, let's cancel this tender, we will wait in front of the door of Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci Station. . This process is important. It is the point where administrative corruption comes. If they do not give this job to IMM, if they go into another search, it will leave the minister's officials with the scribe. Let them return from the wrong. Either the minister fix this or the President intervenes in the process. It is wrong for that company to continue the tender right now. Very clear."


Imamoglu, which has been the subject of discussion for years, criticized because of the concrete image gave information about Taksim Square. Imamoglu stated that they are planning to start the square arrangement works in the summer months and said: “Our important 6 work continues in the square. Especially Taksim Square will be asked to the public, we will take their suggestions. We will start construction next summer, ”he said.


İBB President İmamoğlu announced that the celebration events to be held in Istanbul on October 29, will take 2 days. He explained the details of the celebrations as follows: “The Republic Day will be celebrated so enthusiastically for the first time in this city. On October 28, the Republic Day ceremonies begin with the wreath-laying ceremony. On the evening of October 28, we will note the history in Sultanahmet Square, that beautiful square where Halide Edip Adıvar also attended, and that famous National Struggle Meetings. We will serve this meeting to the whole world. There will be performances, symphony orchestra, poetry performance, concerts. We want an evening that makes our Republic feel. On 29 October, there will be a ball on the street, on the street, on the street of Salacak beach, with our official ceremony on Vatan Street. We want everyone to come there and celebrate our Republic. We will be smeared with all our people in a kind of biggest street ball, seeing from Salacak, giving the message of independence, looking at the Bosphorus, saying that our ancestor will "go as they come."



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