Bursa Traffic “6. Eker I Run Run ”Setting! .. Some Roads Will Be Closed

runway traffic, some roads will be closed
runway traffic, some roads will be closed

“6. Eker I Run Run ”. Bursa Police Department said in a statement, "Athletics Federation of Turkey's history and TAFE 01.03.2019 / 1922 be numbered article with Bursa Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sport transmitted" 6. Eker I Run Race ”6 October 2019 On Sunday, 07: 00-14: 30 was announced to be organized as an Olympic Marathon Course with the participation of approximately 2.500 people on the route of Osmangazi District Uludağ National Park and Nilüfer District Orhaneli Road.

In accordance with the decision of 23 / 08 / 2019 date and 2019 / 165 decision of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center, the necessary security measures will be taken for the running which will start on Bursa Uludağ Road in front of Kurbağakaya Teleferic Station on Nicosia Street.
In this context, our city Nilüfer District Odunluk Neighborhood Lefkoşe Street and Mihraplı Street intersection (Beşevler Junction) from the direction of Orhaneli Road Doğanca Dam (Doganca Gendarmerie Service Building) until the separation of the road section of the road to the separation of the road in the morning part of the journey: from noon to 07.00. In addition, the participation of the secondary roads from the city center to Lefkoşe Street Orhaneli and the crossings between Kavakdere Street and Eski Orhaneli Road (Çamlıca Junction) will be completely closed. Vehicle drivers who will use this road section should pay attention to the warnings and traffic warning signs of our personnel and if possible, it is important to use alternative routes.


It is considered that it is appropriate for the citizens who want to move to the central direction from the West to use the directions of Dikkaldırım-Zübeydehanım Maternity Junction-Oulu Street - İzmir road - Gençosman Junction - Ankara Road. ”

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