Node Unraveling in Bursa Traffic

bursa traffic is breaking my wedding
bursa traffic is breaking my wedding

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the daily vehicle traffic is even more than the 15 July Martyrs Bridge in Istanbul, Acemler Junction, the first stage of the study of connecting roads brought to the stage of completion.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, the first stage at the latest in early January, the second stage will be taken into service as April, specifying that the flow of traffic from Acemler to Izmir and Mudanya, said the uninterrupted structure. Mayor Aktaş, Metropolitan Municipality's Acemler'deki traffic signs around the stadium to solve the blockade viaducts found in the connection roads.

Scalpel to the most dense area

Istanbul 15 July While the average daily vehicle traffic on the Martyrs' Bridge is around 180 thousand, Acemler, where this number finds 210 thousands, is the key point of Bursa traffic. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Acemler'in said that the most dense region in terms of vehicle traffic. Stating that both Acemler and Bursa traffic will be significantly relaxed when the works are completed, Mayor Aktaş said, ık We delivered the place in Mudanya Road-Stadium connection roads in January of this year. In February, we started the bridge-5 productions from Mudanya-İzmir directions that will transfer to Ali Osman Sönmez State Hospital. Pile manufacturing and 2 belt application was completed. In the manufacture of bridges beams are replaced. Loop manufacturing on the way back to Mudanya direction Izmir was completed. After the paving work, we plan to open the road to traffic, ”he said.

No more problems

The construction phase of the project is aimed at relieving the traffic before the first Acemler then Bursa Aktas, the first stage of work completed by the rate of 80 percent, the road will probably be put into service in January, he said. Mayor Aktaş stated that they are planning to complete the second stage works by 2020 as of April and said “The morning and evening traffic in this region affects the city life seriously and negatively. When the work is over, I believe this place will no longer be a problem. There will be a way for our people to drive comfortably. Already auspicious get better. ”



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