Bozöyük Tried Accused Of Accused In Train Accident Case

bozoyuk judged the wrong defendant in the train accident case
bozoyuk judged the wrong defendant in the train accident case

Bozoyuk in 2009 and five passengers perish in the negligence and Turkey train crash that claimed to be the responsibility of the State Railways (TCDD) was sued after two employees authorized for 10 years. In the ongoing trial at the Bozüyük Assize Court, it turned out that the two officers were tried without being guilty, as the TCDD reported the wrong names.

While the Cumhuriyet Express train was on the 27th of August 2009 in the Eskişehir-Haydarpaşa expedition, it collided with the 'excavator' which passed along the rails at the exit of Bozüyük district of Bilecik. Five passengers traveling in the first car died. In the investigation, machinists were found flawless.

Mehmet Sait Yılmaz, who used the excavator, was deemed to be essentially defective because he passed the tracks at an insufficient point of view and four officials from Yılmaz's affiliated company were deemed defective because they did not take effective security measures. Five people were sued for the crime of "causing more than one death by negligence". The trial ended in 2013, and the court filed a criminal complaint, stressing that TCDD might be a defect.


According to the news of İsmail Saymaz from the newspaper HürriyetIn the file of the Bozüyük Chief Public Prosecutor's office, there was no safety wagon named 'wagon' after the locomotive on the train. Passengers were taken to the first wagon and all passengers who died were in this wagon. The Attorney General's Office asked for the names of those responsible for TCDD. TCDD reported the name of Station Chief Adem Atik and Train Organization Officer Ahmet Yılmaz, who acted as deputy director of the station in the organization of the train. These two officers were sued at the Bilecik Assize Court. Their lawyers, Mehmet Ektaş, submitted a petition to the court and stated that the train officers were responsible for pulling the trains to the park area or the movement road, and that those who prepared the Regulation on the Preparation and Traffic of Trains should be prosecuted. The court also asked the TCDD for information and asked about the role of the defendants. In the reply issued by TCDD on September 12, “Defendants in the preparation of this regulation and tariff; They are not the ones who prepare, approve and implement ”.

Ektaş said, “TCDD stated to the court that these people do not have a job-related duty. Since they were not responsible, why did you give their names? Are they trying to kidnap the real ones from the judiciary? ”

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