Bicycles on the beach waiting for Mersin residents

bicycles on the beach waiting for the myrtle
bicycles on the beach waiting for the myrtle

Mersin's Adnan Menderes coastline takes its place among the places where citizens will have a pleasant time in autumn as well as in all seasons. Citizens, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Bike Rental Program (KentBis) 1 TL to enjoy the pleasure of strolling along the coast. Mersin, which is the unique meeting point of the sun, sea and green, provides safe cycling by bicycle paths.

Bicycles are waiting for the citizens to pedal on the beach for the first time

Citizens who have not been able to ride the bicycles on the beach, which have been in use for a while, prefer the bikes of their choice without having to make a reservation for their first experience and have the opportunity to reach the coastal clock 1 TL. Citizens who have the opportunity to park bikes to the nearest station after driving pleasure can also rent by credit card. While the pre-authorization fee for the credit card is 50 TL, the minimum balance amount that KentBis card must be in for renting bicycles in the system is charged as 5 TL.

Cycling is easy with KentBis Kart

Smart Bike Mersin Coast Project is very easy for citizens who want to use the bikes at 5 station. In order to rent bicycles, it is enough for citizens to obtain KentBis card from KentBis Smart Bicycle Center. Citizens can bring the necessary documents (identity card, driver's license or passport) to the center where Station 3 is located, sign the contract and obtain the card. Young people aged 16-18 must have a parent with them in order to receive a KentBis Card.

KentBis station locations are as follows

-1 Station: Özgecan Aslan Square

-2 Station: Near Fenerbahce Square

-3 Station: The sea side behind Sultaşa Hotel

-4 Station No: Orkide Cafe side

-5 Station: Cumhu

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