Başiskele Battı Output Lighting Maintenance

basiskele batti output lighting maintenance
basiskele batti output lighting maintenance

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Building Control, apart from the maintenance of elevators and escalators in the overpasses, visual maintenance of pedestrian overpasses in the regions under its responsibility also performs maintenance, repair, energy lighting and mechanical works. Within this scope, the Başiskele district Bahçecik, which was brought to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, carried out maintenance and repair work for the sunken-output lighting lamps.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Building Control continues its maintenance and repair works in the existing lighting systems of underpasses and overpasses with the aim of providing better quality services to the citizens. Finally, Başiskele district Bahçecik sunk-output met the teams performing metropolitan, lighting equipment that replaces the economic life of the new ones, yet have not completed the economic life of usable but failed due to external factors, lighting fixtures have undergone maintenance and repair.


The lighting in the underpasses is important for driving safety. Tunnel entry, middle section and exit points illuminated under different degrees of maintenance and repair of the underpasses citizens' transportation is provided in a more convenient and safe way.

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