Architects and Engineers Said We Are Against The Sapanca Cable Car Project

Architects and Engineers Say We Are Against Sapanca Teleferic Project
Architects and Engineers Say We Are Against Sapanca Teleferic Project

Representatives of the rooms to which engineers and architects in Sakarya are connected met with the representative of the company that undertakes the cable car project in Sapanca

The cable car project in Kırkpınar Neighborhood, which was put out to tender in Sapanca Municipality during the previous administration period, has been on the agenda of the public for a while. Winning the tender, Bursa Teleferik AŞ was met with the reaction of the local people and non-governmental organizations before starting work.

Salim Aydın, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Chamber of Civil Engineers Salim Aydın, Chamber of Civil Engineers Hüsnü Gürpınar, Chamber of Civil Engineers, Hüsnü Gürpınar, Chamber of Civil Engineers, Sami Kafadar, Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Serhan, on behalf of Chamber of Geophysical Engineers. the Mandacı; He had a meeting with Burhan Özgümüş of Bursa Teleferik AŞ.

After the firm's request, Burhan Özgümüş, the company official, first spoke at the meeting held at the provincial representative of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.


Explaining the details from the procurement process until today, Özgümüş said that 80% of the payments made to Sapanca Municipality were made.

Without seeing the place

Özgümüş stated that they signed the delivery report without seeing the place, but they could not start the work; the reason for this is that the new Mayor is expected to take the seat of the municipality, he said.


The representative of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in the province of Salim, Kartepe and Sapanca Kırkpınar auctions asked the number of companies participating in the process.
Company officials, this question; in the meantime, 2 is a period of months and the tender file, the number of firms 4, the number of companies that entered the tender 1, that they themselves responded by saying.


Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Provincial representative of the meeting, the following information about the continuation of the meeting was given:
“It was technically stated to them that the location selection of this project was wrong. It is declared that, if desired, full support will be provided for new project studies with alternative location determination that will benefit the locals and the city without harming the ecological balance. As the components of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Architects and Engineers, Sakarya, they are against the current status of the project, and also the people of Kırkpınar will do whatever it takes to make this project unrealized and they will not compromise on this matter; At this point, they were informed to the contractor firm that they were determined and thanked them for the meeting. ” (Sakarya Yenihaber)

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