Another Alternative Route to Capital Traffic

Another Alternative to Baskent Traffic
Another Alternative to Baskent Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on new road construction in many points of the city in order to ease the traffic of the city and solve the transportation problem in the residential areas.

Metropolitan Municipality, which gives priority to projects that will reduce traffic density especially at peak hours, pushed the button to activate alternative road routes on the East-West, North-South axes.


Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science, Teams, Etimesgut Sugar District Captain Mustafa Ertugrul Street Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard to connect the new road construction work began.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, the alternative connection path is planned to 15 meters wide, the new road length 521 meters going, 400 meters will be in the form of rotation.

With the completion of the alternative connection road, the drivers using the Ayaş Junction will greatly relax.

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