Indictment of High-Speed ​​Train Accident in Ankara

fast train accident indictment in ankara
fast train accident indictment in ankara

Ankara's 9 High-Speed ​​Train Accident Indictment in which the person was killed Completed; 13 in Ankara December 2018'de 9 people who died in the high-speed train accident that resulted in the completed indictment, 10 defendant was asked about 15 year imprisonment.

13 in Ankara December The indictment on the high-speed train accident in 2018 has been completed.

In the indictment prepared train station officer Osman Yildirim, motion officer Sinan Yavuz, traffic controller Emin Ercan Erbey, YHT Ankara Station Deputy Director Kadir Oguz, Deputy Traffic Service Deputy Director Ergun Tuna, YHT Traffic Service Manager Unal Sayıner, YHT Ankara Director Duran Yaman, Branch Manager Recep Kutlay, TCDD Traffic and Station Management Department Mükerrem Aydoğdu, TCDD Safety and Quality Management Department Head Erol Tuna Aşkın, 'causing more than one person's death and injury' 15 years of imprisonment were asked.

TCDD General Manager of the period found to be defective in the expert report İsa Apaydın and Ali İhsan Uygun, currently the General Manager of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD), did not appear as a suspect.

3 engineer 9 was killed in an accident caused by the collision of the high-speed train that runs Ankara-Konya and the guide train for control on the rails.

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