29 in Ankara Public Transportation will be free in October!

public transport in turkey will be free in October
public transport in turkey will be free in October

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Republic Day 96. Year of the capital because of a celebration program full of enthusiasm prepared.

Metropolitan Municipality will prepare a special program, 29 October Republic Day celebrations will bring a new dimension.

From the 7 to the 70, events from which all capitalists of all age groups are invited will be held from October to October 26-31.

The Metropolitan Municipality will set up special playgrounds for children at Altinpark between 26-31 hours every day from 12.00 October Saturday to 18.00 October Thursday.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş will also participate in the 30 August Victory Park in 27 October Sunday Kültür Republican Festival Culture and Art Activities Başkent Capital City will celebrate the Republic Day with festive atmosphere.

From the cotton candy to fruit juice, popcorn and bagel, the Metropolitan Municipality will organize various events in 30 August Victory Park, free of charge and open to the public between 13.00-17.00 hours.

Metropolitan Municipality FOMGET Folk Dance Ensemble, Voices and Sus Acapella Music Group and Turkish World Folk Dance Ensembles will be colorful with the performances of the Metropolitan Municipality, Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra concert with unforgettable songs and anthems.


29 will be held on Tuesday in October with a Turkish march with Turkish flags and torches.

Watch 20.00 at Bahçelievler 54. Street and Aşkaabat Street intersection (7. End of the street) will meet the people of Ankara, Anitpark'a will walk with torches.

The Republic Day activities will end with the magnificent concert of Athena group, performed by Gökhan Özoğuz, at 20.30 at Anıtpark in collaboration with Çankaya Municipality.


Public Transportation Vehicles belonging to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will be free of charge on 29 October Republic Day.
Following the religious holidays, the citizens of the capital travel free of charge during the National Holidays.

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