Akçaray Tram, 1 Breaks All Time Record in a Week

akcaray tram broke all time record per week
akcaray tram broke all time record per week

1 August Since the 2017 date, the Akçaray tram, which has been offered to the citizens by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, has set an all-time record by carrying 1 thousand passengers per week.

The tram, which is loved and preferred by the citizens, connects the two ends of Izmit. The tram, which has become the first choice of the citizens of Kocaeli, has become a symbol of the city and is frequently used. Akçaray tram, which takes Kocaeli further in transportation, continues to provide transportation services to citizens by solving the majority of the transportation problem of the city.


Akçaray tramway, which is operated by TransportationPark, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality, is being used with great interest by the citizens since the day it was opened. The 20 tram, which covers the total distance of 18 kilometers between the bus station and the training campus stations, which are the departure and destination points, provides transportation services to the citizens in Kocaeli. Approaching the end of the construction of the beach road station will carry the transportation network further Akçaray, citizens of this region will provide great convenience for transportation. Moreover, Akçaray is expected to sign new records with the last station to be opened.

Günceleme: 18/10/2019 10:16

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