Afyonkarahisarlı Tiny Learns Railways

afyonkarahisarli minis learn railways
afyonkarahisarli minis learn railways

📩 31/10/2019 17:55

Travel requests from the School Directorates in Afyonkarahisar for TCDD 7th Regional Directorate Train, Museum, Train Station visits and short train journey on Müselles line are made on weekdays within the protocol signed with the Directorate of National Education.

The school students are welcomed by TCDD officials at the entrance of Ali Çetinkaya Station under the supervision of teachers and parents of the students participating in the trip.

After the museum tour, the student group is taken to the passenger platform and the passenger wagon waiting is introduced, explaining the rules for getting on the train, and the students are given the short train journey experience on the müselles line. After the short train journey, the necessary landing rules are explained from the student group passenger car to the platform, and they are safely landed on the passenger platform of Ali Çetinkaya Station. Students rest and have fun in the station court in authentic venues and in the Wagon Café Country Garden. TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri accepts the student group in his office and sohbet He answers questions from students by explaining railways activities and projects in the mood.

TCDD 7. As Regional Director Adem Sivri TCDD, they emphasized that such trips provide students with train journey experience, recognition of railways and learning of railway rules at an early age.

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