Adapazarı Train Must Go to Haydarpaşa

adapazari train should go to haydarpasaya
adapazari train should go to haydarpasaya

Adapazarı Haydarpaşa train, which was canceled in 2013 due to High Speed ​​​​Train services, was carrying thousands of passengers between Adapazarı, Izmit and Istanbul at that time. In 12 reciprocal trips, some of the passengers had to travel standing, let alone the full seats. It was also the most profitable line of TCDD.

This train, which receives and downloads passengers at many intermediate stations, meets the big need.

The abolition of the train services caused a great reaction, but two years would have to be grieved and patience. Construction went slower than planned.

When the Adapazarı-Haydarpaşa flights stopped, it was suggested that the section of the railway between Mithatpaşa Pass and Adapazarı Station be underground.

As new news, we have been a persistent follower of this proposal and 2015 7 Prime Minister of the period before the June elections gave the people of Sakarya the good news that the railway will be underground.

Like many promises of elections, this was forgotten after the election.

The train was not put into the city for a long time on the grounds that it would disrupt the local traffic.

First of all, a daily 4 expedition started between Arifiye-Pendik and then Mithatpaşa-Pendik.

As a result of the persistent pressures of the public opinion in Sakarya, the train could reach the Adapazarı Station before these local elections.

He is currently running mutual 4 expeditions per day.

And the train only carries passengers on the 4 wagon.

Although the train goes to Pendik, this time is not enough.

The train, which does not stop at almost any of the intermediate stations, must stop at these stations and increase the number of flights.

However, in order to increase the number of flights, an 4-5 kilometer YHT line must be completed in Izmit.

Since conventional lines are not sufficient, the train service is limited to 4 and most of the time, our train is delayed because YHT trains are expected to cross this line.

Meanwhile, work is underway to open Haydarpaşa station.

From the first months of 2020, the train service will extend to Haydarpaşa.

In the meantime, the number of flights and wagons to increase the number of attempts already.

When two bus companies sentenced the people of Sakarya to Adapazarı-Esenler ticket prices were based on 45 lira.

Previously, 35 pounds Harem bus compete with a company fell to the 26 pounds.

It is certain that bus prices will return to normal when train services reach the number they used to be.

Just because of this reason, the train services are increased and the train reaches Haydarpaşa and even further. HalkalıHe must go to… (Sezai MATUR - Sakaryayenihab is)

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