In the 2020 Year Airbus, 2,5 Billion Expected to Invest in Turkey

airbu are expected to invest a billion dollars in Turkey in
airbu are expected to invest a billion dollars in Turkey in

Minister Turhan, 12. In his speech at the N A400M Aircraft Retrofit Contract Ceremony ında organized with the participation of National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar at the Air Transportation Home Base Command, he expressed his pleasure to be in Kayseri.

Nations are in the stage of history's most basic factors, Turhan stressed that they have characters that Turkey is a time of much experience, many trials and hardships they survived, "to disappear and be" told us that go up to the fine line between.

Turhan, emphasizing that they continue to walk proudly on the journey of history, “Thank God thousands of our nation is a nation with a character, our pupil army is the peculiar Prophet of our nation, which carries all the characteristics of our nation. As we did yesterday, our army's know-how, equipment, discipline, powerful staff and superior success in their duties make us proud. ”

Army always empowerment can, the age of the equipment of the Armed Forces with the latest technology, following the development and its dependence on foreign minimizing the fundamental purposes of Turhan stated that involved the realization of Turkey's three continents noted that connects very important geo-strategic and found a geopolitical position .

“In the last 17 year we have almost revolutionized”

Besides the historical background, current global turmoil, the general trend experienced events and the world in the area close to the defense industry, as in all areas of Turkey, Turhan emphasized that requires a very strong, continued as follows:

“In the last 17 year, we have revolutionized the defense industry with the policies and investments realized with the vision of our President. Today, 700 separate defense industry projects are being carried out in our country and 60 billion dollar size has been reached in the sector in terms of project volume. 100 is one of the biggest 5 defense companies in the world. With what has been done so far, we have reduced our dependence on the defense industry from 80 percent to 30 percent. Research and development spending in the defense industry, which was almost non-existent in the past, has now reached $ 1,5 billion. 'So what happened' if they ask the simplest I can say the following; Turkey today, under the ATAK helicopter war produces its own name, spying on the enemy with UAVs. Armed Unmanned Air Planes are hitting their targets. ALTAY tanks, national infantry rifle is doing. Milgem Project again produces its own battleship. Moreover, Turkey today, the warship designed with national capabilities in the world, has become one of the country 10 who built and can perform the maintenance. How proud we are with this painting. ”

Turhan said that all these achievements in the defense industry will continue increasingly and the dependence on foreigners in the defense industry will be eliminated, and that an important step will be taken in reaching this goal with the agreement that will be implemented today.

Minister Turhan said that they have been carrying out successful works for nearly 30 years on the basis of cooperation with Airbus in civil and military aviation.

X The 344 of the 170 aircraft in the Turkish Airlines fleet was produced by Airbus. In addition, 84 A321 NEO and 5-30-350 aircraft, which are ordered by Airbus and planned to be delivered in the coming years, are available. The 900 value and list price of the total 2024 aircraft that will be delivered piece by piece until 114 is approximately US $ 2019 billion. As in Turkish Airlines, Airbus has important relations with our strategic organization, TURKSAT. In 20,9, the main agreement of Türksat 2017A and Türksat 5B communication satellites was signed between Türksat and Airbus. We aim to launch Türksat 5A and 3000B telecommunication satellites based on the latest electric trajectory upgrade version of Airbus, Eurostar E5 platform, into the first quarters of 5 and 2020, respectively. We are also planning to cooperate with Turkish Aerospace Agency on airbus, research, development and commercial issues. ”

"Airbus, 2,5 billion dollars is expected to invest in Turkey"

Turhan stated that the relationship with Airbus are not limited to, gave the following information: "Turkey, as the fourth largest customer of Airbus, the airline company 9, 270 serves about passenger and cargo aircraft. In addition, Airbus has also 7 the largest industrial partner and subsidiary in Turkey. Airbus In the 2020, 2,5 billion dollars to invest in Turkey and about 2030 5 billion dollars is expected to exceed that figure. As the tangible returns of these investments, every commercial and military Airbus aircraft flying today has parts manufactured by Turkish suppliers. Turkish suppliers are also responsible for the design and production of critical components such as ailerons for the A350 XWB family and control surfaces for some commercial and military aircraft platforms. ”

Turhan, in addition to all these, health services, vehicles used in business aviation, transport aircraft, general-purpose search and rescue helicopters in many areas until it is possible to see the signature of Airbus, said that this table will carry themselves further work on the basis of cooperation.

In this context, Turhan stated that TUSAŞ and Airbus found the agreement signed in September 2018 important and that the agreement aimed to develop research and experiments and work together on secondary structures such as moving parts for Airbus.

National Defense Minister Hulusi After the speeches, mites, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, asphaltene General Manager Assad Akgun, Kayseri Garrison Commander Brigadier General Ercan Teke, Airbus DS Chairman of Turkey Can Young and Airbus DS Vice President Nils Michael, A400M Aircraft Retrofit Agreement signed .

Ministers Turhan and Akar and those accompanying him examined the 09 K / N A400M aircraft in the hangar where the ceremony was held.

The ceremony, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Guler, Land Forces Commander Gen. Umit Dundar, Admiral Adnan Ozbal Commander, Air Forces Commander Gen. Hasan Kucukakyuz, Kayseri Mayor Şehmus Günaydın and Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç also attended.


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