What Hacettepe Students Say to Solo Bus Application

What students say hacettepeli solo bus application
What students say hacettepeli solo bus application

Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who listens to the voice of the students and listens to their demands, continues to take decisions that pleases the students.

Under the slogan “A student-friendly Capital”, Mr. Yavaş, who has implemented services that contribute to the students' economy in many areas from water bills to transportation, fulfills his promises one by one.

President Yavaş, who initiated the 50 discount on water bills for students, recently signed a decision that closely concerns students studying at the Beytepe Campus of Hacettepe University.


Upon the orders of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, EGO General Directorate started to provide free 20 solo bus service to Hacettepe University Beytepe Campus, where the average daily number of 5 students moved to.

Free 21 solo bus outside the 5 bellows bus will carry free students into the campus from the exit of the Çayyolu Metro between 7-06.30 hours on the 20.00 day of the week.


Students who used the free buses on the first day of the application expressed their satisfaction and thanked Mayor Yavaş with the following words:

-İrem Aslan (21 years old): “It was a very appropriate decision. Because the order of the ring buses was increasing day by day and waiting for that line became a grind for us. We thank our President Mansur Yavas for hearing our voices and providing us with this free access. ”

-Adem Üngör (24 years old): oldu It was very good to have such an application between 6.30-20.00 hours because it is the busiest hours. I thank our President. Başkan

-Adandan Yüksel (21 years old): “I think it was very useful. It was very difficult to wait here on the way to school. Thank you very much for the free services. ”

-Esra Şahin (20 years old): ım Our Mayor showed that he has been thinking about the students since the first day he took office. It was very good to have these buses during peak hours. We would like to thank our President Mansur. ”

- Sinan Uyar (19 years old): “Mansur Yavas is a president we love. It works for students. It supports our economy. He also approved the issuance of a 60-card card for 200 TL. Thank you very much. ”

-Melih Toy (19 years old): “We follow Mansur Yavas' work towards students. Free solo buses have reduced bus queue and waiting, and even relaxed. We thank you for your support. ”

-Gizem Müslüm (20 years old): “I like it very much. Because the financial means of the students are already limited, so this free bus application is very good for the students. We thank Mansur Yavas very much. ”

60 TL and 200 boarding student subscription card application, which is another good news given by President Yavaş, will also start in October.

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