President Zorluoğlu: 'We Don't Think of a Cable Car in Trabzon'

We don't think of a cable car.
We don't think of a cable car.

Murat Zorluoğlu, Mayor of Tranzon Metropolitan Municipality, answered the questions of Günebakış newspaper in the live broadcast of Çay TV. sunshine newspaper concessionaire Ali Ozturk, the court canceled the question about the issue of the cable car. Mayor Zorluoğlu said, üm A cable car is being built in Sümela. We do not consider the cable car in Trabzon. ”

President Zorluoğlu:I'm not thinking of a cable car right now. There's no such thing in my program. But there's a ropeway project in Sumela. I think he's much more profitable. I think it will also contribute to tourism. We are considering the build-operate-transfer model by tender for the construction of such a lift in Sumela in the coming days.

Ali Ozturk: Finally, one of the most important problems of the city, what kind of work has been done to date about the Transportation Master Plan. When will we overcome the transportation problem in the city center? Is there any road map that also includes the dates of Mr. President?

President Zorluoğlu:Regarding the Transportation Master Plan, our Ministry of Transport had a European Union Project. In this context, we have applied there as the municipality preparing the best projects. We applied to the Ministry of Transport's program to be financed from the European Union with a project covering ecological bridges, transportation master plan and urban bicycle routes. We've come a long way. Hopefully our project will be financed and the Transportation Master Plan will be settled.

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