Indigenous Traction Transformer with millions of Euros to stay in Turkey

Turkiyede millions of euros to stay with the locals traction transformer
Turkiyede millions of euros to stay with the locals traction transformer

Metro Istanbul has realized the domestic traction transformer production project that will provide energy to metro and tramways. Thus, millions of euros will remain within the borders of the country.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul Subway subsidiaries of Istanbul, both scored a major success for Turkey's economy. Company; has realized the production project of traction transformers that provide energy to vehicles used in metro, tram and light rail lines. In 2017, the project was started at Metro Istanbul in order to increase the domesticity rate of 3 on transformer basis and zero on the basis of draw frame transformer. 2 units transformer M1 Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport line was commissioned in Belpa substation and started to serve.

The first production in this capacity in Turkey ...

The traction transformer systems used in the lines of Metro Istanbul have been supplied from companies originating from Italy, Germany and Spain. investigating the potential for production in consultation with local companies 2017 Metro Istanbul, the examination results in firm agreement with BEST Inc. for the first time in the domestic 3.3 MVA power transformer traction signed a contract for the production in Turkey.

The price of the 2 176 thousand euros…

While Metro Istanbul provides a working environment by supporting the manufacturer with its rail system experience, the company has produced transformers for free and commissioned them in the field. Market value of 2 units with 3.3 MVA power based on past purchase prices 176.292 euro. If we consider that the total value of the transformers on the M7 metro line is approximately 3.600.000 euro, if the domestic draw frame transformer is used in our country, millions of euros worth of product will be supplied domestically.

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