Minister Turhan: 'If the Number of Passengers in Burdur Increases'

Turhan Burdur, the number of passengers increases
Turhan Burdur, the number of passengers increases

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan visited Burdur Governorship.

Isparta program, then Turdur Governor Burdur'a Governor Hasan Sigil and protocol at the entrance of the Governor's Office welcomed.

Minister Turhan, after signing the Governor's Honor Book, met with Governor Shildak in his office for a while.

Governor Şıldak thanked Minister Turhan for their visit and thanked him on behalf of Burdur people for their investments in our province as Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

During the visit, where mutual views were exchanged, Governor Şıldak gave information to the Minister Turhan about the ongoing investments and conveyed the demands of our province regarding transportation, especially road and rail.

During the visit Deputy Bayram Özçelik, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander J. Alb. Orhan Kılıç, Provincial Police Director Umit Bitirik, Murak Akbıyık and Provincial Director of the General Assembly President took part.

In the last part of the visit, Turhan said to the members of the press; “Today we are in the Lakes region, we stopped by Isparta and came to Burdur. İzmir, Aydın, Denizli, Burdur, Isparta railway line, we have come together due to the restart of passenger transport services. Railway transport, which has been interrupted due to long-term maintenance and infrastructure works, has resumed. Passenger transport services between Izmir and Burdur will be restarted. Of course, rail transportation people are in demand, economic, safe and comfortable transportation system, today we are pleased to start this service again in Burdur. Good luck to our fellow citizens of Burdur. For now, the connection between Gümüşgün Station and Burdur will be provided by the shuttle buses of the State Railways. We plan to do this transportation with the locomotives up to Burdurumuzua in order to meet the demands that will arise as a result of the increase in the passenger movements in the region or the increasing demand for tourism in our touristic regions such as Salda and Ağlasun in our region. ”He said.

He added that the road to Burdur - Tefenni - Fethiye has been completed to a great extent. Hopefully, we will complete the missing productions in the remaining sections and open them as a divided road. As you know, Yeşilova Road is completed. Again, one of the important tourism centers in our province of Burdur Ağlasun district to connect with Burdur, we have completed our project work, we plan to start the construction works by making the tender of this next year. ”



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