Kocaeli Ports Open to the World

The world opens with ports of Kocaeli
The world opens with ports of Kocaeli

Kartepe Summit-2019, which focuses on 'Urbanization and Happy Cities', continues at full speed. In the summit held in Kartepe district, 'City and Transportation' was discussed. Speaking at the session, Prof. Gebze Technical University. Dr. Mehmet Küçükmehmetoğlu stated that Kocaeli is a gateway to the world with its ports and that the city needs physical bridges.


Recorded that Kocaeli is on a very important route. Dr. Mehmet Küçükmehmetoğlu “Kocaeli is the city that opens to the world with the gates and ports of Anatolia. Geography is destiny for Kocaeli. The gateway to the world is one of the biggest problems to be solved in Kocaeli. Kocaeli needs physical bridges. If you say these physical bridges, I can say that there are bridges, roads, highways, railways and airlines that provide transportation. Since it is an industrial city in Kocaeli, we need bridges and without them there is no trade. ”


“Osmangazi bridge and motorway was the last place to enter these examples, Küçük Küçükmehmetoğlu said. Osmangazi Bridge also reduced the population towards Istanbul, but the population in the surrounding cities increased. This created a need to ease transportation in the surrounding cities. According to our neighboring country Turkey is among the countries that uses one of the most long-distance trade. This also causes difficulties for our export and trade area. New transportation investments both make people's lives easier and also make them more comfortable in their trading companies and make their businesses more comfortable. ”


Assoc. Dr. Fatih Akbulut said; Ağ Networks of sensors, the Internet of things, cloud software, and mobile applications and technologies have made smart city and transport possible. Seeing the benefits of this smart city project in the European Union is investing in this issue. Kul The session was held at Ara Güler Hall and coordinated by Tübitak MAM Energy Institute Deputy Director. While Mehmet Ali Çimen, speakers from Gebze Technical University; Dr. Mehmet Küçükmehmetoğlu, Assoc. Dr. Fatih Akbulut. The session ended after the certificates issued.

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