China's Maglev Trains to Reach 1000 Km Per Hour to Launch at 2020

The trains that reach the speed of the km will be put into service
The trains that reach the speed of the km will be put into service

Today, where high-speed trains become widespread, China continues to work uninterruptedly for maglev trains whose prototype was introduced in recent months. In this context, the first trials will be held at the beginning of 2020.

China has always been a country obsessed with speed in terms of railway transport. At this point, the country is already home to some of the fastest trains in the world and is preparing to take rail transport to the level of science fiction films using its magnetic levitation potential.

Recent reports say that maglev rails will be installed in the central provinces of China, which have been making preparations in recent years, from the beginning of next year. According to the report, authorities are currently conducting feasibility studies to launch the project.

If everything goes according to plan, a journey from Guangzhou, China to Beijing can be done at speeds between 600 km and 1.000 km per hour, which means that the high speed trains available will be much higher than the 350 km / h. Moreover, the Asia Times said, moreover, that an 2.200-km journey from Wuhan to Guangzhou could be reduced to about two hours.

Maglev trains, which take all the energy through a magnetic air cushion, reduce friction to almost zero and reach speeds that were previously impossible. The maximum speed of maglev trains currently operating in China is 430 kilometers per hour. However, with the renewed technology, these speeds are expected to reach 600 to 1.000 kilometers per hour.

Considering the surface area of ​​China, it is possible to say that the cities are very distant. Therefore, trains operating with this technology make the distances between cities meaningless and almost bring them to a level that can compete with airplanes.

China is not the only country in the world interested in maglev trains, but Japan was already known to be working on their maglev trains. However, recent claims suggest that Germany and the United States are also working on their own maglev train versions. (Webtekno)

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