First National and National Traction Motor for Metro Vehicles Produced by Elsan A.Ş.

The first domestic and national brand traction motor for metro vehicles was produced by elsan as
The first domestic and national brand traction motor for metro vehicles was produced by elsan as

Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, especially in big cities 12 used rail transport in the heart of nature "traction motor", the first time in Turkey Elsen Inc. Produced by.

Turkey's EMTask of the first electric motor manufacturers Inc. was established in Ankara in the year 1964. Ve Tic. A.Ş. Initially, the company only manufactures standard electric motors up to 1967 kW. Today, the company develops and manufactures IEC Standard motors up to 18.5 kW, plus 400 basic types of motors and alternators, as well as designing special purpose motors according to the needs of its customers.

experienced company in electric motors, Turkey's deficit and the means of entering the Metro Rail system in the production of traction motors in the nature of work the heart has completed the first trial production.

the scope of urban rail transit projects in Turkey next year 10 7 more than a thousand tram, metro and light rail transport (LRT) needs. The number of traction motors needed for these vehicles is three times more. Traction systems, one of the most critical components in rail vehicles, are now fully supplied from abroad. If Elsan A.Ş is supported, it can produce all traction motors that our country needs.

  1. In the ci Development Plan, the domestic contribution rate for all rail system purchases by 2023 will be 80%.

Elsan A.Ş produces traction motor which is the most critical product of rail system vehicles.

I congratulate Elsan A.Ş and all those who contributed. 12 from our municipality and government using rail system. In line with the objectives of the Development Plan, we expect support for the renewal of engines that have reached the end of their lives and for the domestic and national inclusion of new rail systems.

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