Turkey's First and Only Crime E-Magazine: 'Detective Magazines'

The first and only magazine to turkiyenin police detective magazines
The first and only magazine to turkiyenin police detective magazines

Turkey's first police e-magazine Detective Magazine is still the only magazine in its channel. Gencoy Sümer and Turgut Şişman started to publish the magazine together in 2017. Gencoy Sümer, the author of detective novels, is the editor of the magazine. Turgut Şişman, a strict crime reader and writer of crime stories, was the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

First of all, Detective Magazine attracts attention with its multi-level articles and stories. However, at first glance you see that Detective Magazine is a detective story-based magazine. This is clearly stated in the first issue of the journal. The Editor's Corner in the first issue reads:


“We think that story is the most important type of narrative in crime literature. That's why we give detective stories a special place and importance in detective magazine. In other words, Detective Magazine will always be a story-based detective magazine. ”

Again, this article, especially in the detective magazine story, essay, criticism, literary and scientific value of the articles will be published, thinking, writing, researching anyone who wants to bring together on this platform amateur or professional, floral nose or master We also learn that all authors are open to the end of their pages.

To date, the magazine has had over a hundred detective stories. There's an article about the crime. In short, Detective Magazine is a great library for crime lovers. When you look at the past fifteen issues of the bimonthly magazine, you will see an amazing police archive. Here you can read the stories of many well-known writers, young and new pens, research and review articles, detective films and book reviews.


In addition, Detective Magazine is extremely pleasant to solve detective puzzles It is published. The answers to these puzzles arranged in story form are given in detail in the next issue. But let me tell you now, it's not easy to solve. You need to think for a long time and read the story a few times.

Another corner that I hope the police readers will like is the interviews with the crime writers. A long and comprehensive interview with a crime writer is published in each issue. In this way, we can get to know our Turkish detective writers more closely and learn their thoughts. Many authors have been interviewed so far. Ayşe Erbulak, Suphi Varım, Arkın Gelin, Yaprak Öz, Günay Gafur, some of them.

Turkey's first and for now the only detective e-magazine, Dedektif Dergisi, has added not only new stories to our detective literature but also many new authors since 2017. kazannagged. It seems that after kazanwill continue to climb. In 2018, a selection consisting of the stories of Detective Magazine writers and prepared by Gencoy Sümer was published. The second of this selection, which blends crime, detective and mystery genres, came out this year. Again, Herdem Publishing carried out the publication of the book Velinimet Kırtasiyesi, prepared by Gencoy Sümer, the editor of Detective Magazine. The book includes fifteen stories from fifteen Detective Magazine authors. The publication of these prestige books will continue regularly in the coming years.


One of the remarkable pages of Detective Magazine is the section where we listen to the stories published by the voice of the authors. E, of course, when broadcasting is digital, such possibilities are possible. Not only for hearing impaired crime lovers, but also for those who do not have time and opportunity to read stories. Magazine Listen to the story page, you can listen to the story you want to put your headphones. According to the information provided by editor-in-chief Turgut Şişman, this project, which is planned to be completed within a certain period of time, has not yet been completed to include all the stories. By the time the project is completed, crime lovers will have a huge library of detective stories.

Detective Magazine is a multi-level magazine where you can find many things you are looking for with its stories, research and analysis articles, book and film reviews. Get to know the Turkish police in Turkey to follow him step by step down the development of other digital broadcast or other publication no. I recommend you to take a look at the pages of the Detective Magazine, not just for crime lovers, but for anyone who wants to read different and enjoyable stories.

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