Sahin, urgently found solutions to problems!

Sahin quickly found the problems
Sahin quickly found the problems

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, Sahinbey district Cemal Gursel neighborhood in the neighborhood visits Turan Emeksiz Neighborhood went. Listening to the complaints of citizens Sahin, Turan Emeksiz Mahallesi market place on the route because of the crowded traffic in order to open the bus stops to evaluate the demand for a top street, bus drivers received information.

President Şahin, who never broke his ties with the public, continued his neighborhood visits without a break. Sahin, who started his work in Cemal Gürsel neighborhood, visited Aziz Gürler, the muhtar of the neighborhood, and learned the shortcomings of the neighborhood. Mukhtar Gurler said that they did not have any problems in the neighborhood since the day he took office and that the smallest requests were fulfilled by the municipality.

Chicken market in the neighborhood due to the hobby gardens to move to a region close to the citizens who want to improve the bad image in the region, promising to improve the region Sahin Sahin, the Municipality of Sahinbey said it would work together.

The president and the muhtar who took photos in memory of the day thanked the president Fatma Şahin for their sensitivity and gave flowers.

The second stop of the neighborhood visits; Turan Emeksiz The Mayor of the neighborhood met with Mehmet Yildiz, Mayor Şahin, listened to the problems of the neighborhood. Noting the wishes of the residents of the neighborhood, the president promised that necessary work would be carried out in cooperation with Şahinbey Municipality to eliminate the natural gas problem of the neighborhood.



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