Konya, Turkey will be an example of Bicycle Path

Konya will be turkiyeye examples of bike paths
Konya will be turkiyeye examples of bike paths

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay participated in the Marmara International City Forum (MARUF) held at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Alt Cities Producing Solutions ”with the motto of 1-2-3 October Altay, who spoke about Konya and the Bicycle Master Plan, stated that they made great efforts to make Konya the brand city of the world. Mayor Altay said, biri One of the most important projects we are dealing with is preparing the Konya Bicycle Master Plan. In recent days we have done our protocols MoEU Konya, who managed this business will be the first city in Turkey. At the same time, we wish to explain this internationally. ”


In the city center of Konya, 320 kilometers from the city across the 550-kilometer bicycle path network with the currently highest bicycle path network with the President stating that the province Altai in Turkey, the forum said they found a share outlining 2030 targets in this field. First of all, President Altay stated that they want to make Konya a bicycle-friendly city and that people in Konya wish to continue their lives on bicycles. Only the current infrastructure is already ranks first in Turkey. The Bicycle Master Plan is actually a light ahead. What we are trying to do is both to take a picture of today and to create a projection for the future. Bike 2030 kilometers in 787, hopefully by example in Konya, Turkey in this sense will be a city, "he said.

In addition to Uğur İbrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality; Environment and climate change, urban technologies and innovation, transportation and mobility, urban infrastructure, housing and built environment, migration, city networks, local development, social inclusion, resilience, by Güneş Lifeless, Eser Atak, Abhimanyu Prakash, Aniruddha Dasgupta and Rory Nuijens public space and governance issues were discussed.

The 25 Marmara International City Forum, with the participation of more than 200 speakers from the 3 country, will last the XNUMX day in different themes.

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