Interviews Completed for Recruiting 73 Bus Drivers in Mersin

Interviews are completed for the purchase of bus soforu in Mersin
Interviews are completed for the purchase of bus soforu in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, 73 bus driver completed the interviews after the announcement. Among the total 1003 applications, the Metropolitan Municipality will hire the 73 driver, including women.

Aiming to direct the citizens of Mersin to public transportation and to provide them with a fast, safe and comfortable public transportation service, the Metropolitan Municipality will choose the 73 driver's female driver and the 25 driver from the male driver.

Must have taken days of 26 and not exceed 66

Following the removal of the ads, the metropolitan municipality conducted the interviews with the commissions including the officials of the Transportation Department and learned the competencies in the field. Interviewer successfully passed the driver candidates, soon after the beginning of work, the steering wheel will begin to shake. Close to 1003, the 40 application consists of female candidates and a total of 25 women will be employed in this field.
Chauffeurs must be older than 26 and not exceed 66. The drivers need to have SRC1 and SRC2 documents, old driving license E, new driving license D and psychotechnical documents.

Topçuoğlu: “We make these purchases with the aim of directing our citizens to public transportation” Ersan Topçuoğlu, Head of Transportation Department stated that they will employ the total 73 bus driver as the Directorate of Public Transportation Branch, Büyük 25 is female and 48 personnel We will employ. We will evaluate these drivers as a preliminary preparation for our 73 bus which is planned to be taken after the New Year, and we will take the applications and start the job application process quickly. We are making these purchases for the purpose of directing our citizens to public transport and for fast, safe and comfortable public transport. ”

Topçuoğlu, driver's license, SRC documents, and in particular the communication skills of drivers will pay attention to the candidates said.

Kılıç: “My mother and father are truck drivers”

Betül Arslan Kılıç entered the interview and said that he liked to be in traffic and wanted to serve in the Municipality and applied for the purchase of bus driver. Our women think that they can't actually be a city bus driver. I'm absolutely against it. My mom and dad are truck drivers. God willing, I will also be able to enter the city bus driver and God bless, ”he said.

Shur: X I have 30 years of active experience in driving lük

Gönül Şur, 58, stated that he saw the advertisement on social media and applied on it. “I needed it. We can't get by with a single salary. Taxi, minibus, pick-up driver. I have 30 years of experience in chauffeuring. I'm very glad that women can apply, so I came because I trusted. I would like to thank our President Vahap Seçer for providing us with this opportunity..

Kafa: orum I love driving “

Elif Kafa, 2's mother of children, said that they are very happy that women can apply for the bus driver. “We are glad that our Municipality supports women and paves the way for them. I hope it's good. I've been a service driver before. I love driving. I always do what I can. I hope we will continue on this path if the fortune ”he said.

His interview is positive and he deserves to be a driver. kazanSharing the feeling she would feel if she was born, Kafa said, “As a woman and a mother, I feel very honored. I recommend everyone to do what they love. Women should always be brave. Let them dare and do what they want to do. I have a positive view of life. If we women join hands, we can do anything.”

Applause: “Because we women are more polite and understanding, I am sure that we will be more successful in this profession”
Şerife Alkış stated that she loves chauffeering and she wants to do that. I knew it was an unattainable dream. But after seeing the female friends in other provinces, I struggle because I think this dream can be real and I hope it will. I want to do this. I love it and it makes people more beautiful by loving what they do. People, our people will be more productive. Since we women are more polite and understanding, I am sure that we will be more ideal and successful in this profession. I would like to thank our President for giving such a chance to us women..

After the names identified in the interview, the drivers will be subjected to driving test and the successful recruitment of the drivers will be performed.

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