Eskişehir 'Come Turkey bike!' Organized Workshop

Come in Eskisehir turkey bike workshop held
Come in Eskisehir turkey bike workshop held

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has taken action to promote the use of bicycles in urban transportation. Transportation Master Plan in a great location with a bike for a while about the expansion of the network of civil society organizations and continue to work in partnership with associations Metropolitan Municipality, encouraging cycling city with European Union funds WRI Turkey Eskisehir with Sustainable Cities 'Come Turkey bike!' organized the workshop.

WRI gave Turkey organized by the Metropolitan Municipality and support 'Come Turkey bike!' The workshop was held at the Youth Center with the participation of non-governmental organizations and bicycle associations. WRI about 10 years working in urban transportation, cyclists Turkey that began in April Sustainable Cities 'Come Turkey bike!' project continues to develop the campaign. Metropolitan for after İzmir, Eskişehir workshops Municipality and WRI bringing together relevant civil society organizations in Turkey Sustainable Cities, civil society foundations of communication, identifying the target audience, discourse identification, campaign planning, fundamentals of communication strategies, mediums-message relationship, campaign brief preparation and agency management, SWOT analysis and the basics of social media communication.

Making the opening speech of the workshop, Metin Bükülmez, Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, stated that they will undertake important projects in the coming period to promote the use of bicycles. Bükulmez said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we carry out important works together with non-governmental organizations and bicycle associations. The widespread use of the bicycle in daily life, which has an important place in our Transportation Master Plan, and its importance again in urban transportation, as in previous years. kazanWe aim to create the main axis of the bicycle paths for In this context, the views of non-governmental organizations and associations that make cycling a part of their lives are guiding for us. We determined the main routes together and our technical work continues.” Expressing that, as a municipality, they want to encourage people to use bicycles as well as creating a bicycle network, Bükülmez said, “As the municipality, we want to build roads, maintain them and integrate them into other urban transportation vehicles. While doing all this, it is of great importance for us that our people embrace this project and understand the importance of bicycles in urban transportation. That's why I think this workshop is very important. I am sure that we will achieve very good results in a short time if the ideas and campaigns that come out of this go forward in coordination with our work. I would like to thank both the WRI Turkey Sustainable Cities team and our non-governmental organizations and associations for their support.”

WRI Turkey since 2011 Sustainable Cities as an important knowledge on urban transport and cyclists WREN stressed that they have experience in Turkey Sustainable Cities Director Dr. Güneş Cansız said, “Our aim is to support the municipalities who want to make bicycles a means of transportation and to organize communication campaigns in cooperation with NGOs. We worked in 14 Turkey's provinces and districts, municipalities are providing technical advice on the design and safety of the bicycle paths. 'Come Turkey bike!' At the end of the campaign, we believe that we will create an important awareness about cycling in the society. We are very happy to cooperate with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality where we have worked together on different projects before. Bisiklet

Communication and campaign development training workshop at the end of WRI stated that they held Turkey from the Sustainable Cities Project Coordinator Dr. The crocus Öztaş Buns "Come Turkey bike! The project is being implemented within the framework of the Civil Society Support Program II funded by the European Union. The program, Turkey and the European Union member country from civil society organizations come together around a common theme, communities of mutual recognition, mutual exchange of information and was developed as a platform to establish permanent dialogue. The contracting authority of the program is responsible for the Central Finance and Contracts Unit and the technical implementation of the Presidency of the European Union. As a result of the workshop, a campaign idea for Eskişehir emerged and we determined a road map on how to organize it. We are planning to announce this campaign to the public in the first half of 2020 by working with Municipality and non-governmental organizations during the campaign process. In this way, we will develop incentive projects for the bicycle to be used as a means of transportation and to make it more widespread. ”

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