7 Thousands of Personnel Visited the Summits Shaping the Future of Production

A thousand staff visited the summits that shape the future of production
A thousand staff visited the summits that shape the future of production

Robot Investments Summit and Industry 4.0 Applications Summit 1-3 October 2019 dates were held in Yeşilköy Istanbul. Summits of production technologies were visited by 10 people with an increase of 7.064 percent over last year.

Industry Media firstly identifies businesses that 'plan to invest in production technologies' with their publishing activities throughout the year. Then, it organizes boutique Summits according to the needs of each sector. Thus, the potential of visitors that are not related to the sector is minimized and enables participating companies to spare more time for relevant visitors. Robot Investments and Industry 4.0 Applications Summit, which was held for the fifth time this year with this system, also witnessed many business connections. The organization, which serves as a guide for companies that want to automate and digitize their production processes, was visited by 2018 people in 6.411, while the number of visitors this year reached 7.064.


In the panels realized within the scope of the summits; robotic solutions in automotive, white goods, food, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, packaging and fast moving sectors were discussed. In the panels, where experts from the sector participated as speakers, all applications and sectoral experiences were discussed. The audience, who attended the panels, had the opportunity to ask the speakers about their curiosity. In the panels that attracted great attention, the sectoral applications and the shares made by the companies in line with their own experiences became a digital roadmap for each sector.


Robot Investments and Industry 4.0 Applications Summit and Exhibition brought together domestic and foreign industrialists. Export Summit that took place in the context of the organization B2B, factory robots and robot manufacturers purchasing representatives from the participating companies have undertaken negotiations with Turkey buying mutually come together. From Russia, Egypt, Iran, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Ukraine; A large number of new business contacts were established during the negotiations with the participation of the authorized and decision makers of large factories producing automobile, white goods, construction machinery, tractors, tanks, automobile-truck engines.


The non-sector visitor profile of the Robot Investments Summit and the Industry 4.0 Applications Summit, which unites companies seeking to invest with industry professionals and is unique in its field with a different concept, has been minimized this year. When the profile of the visitors were evaluated, it was observed that 50 percent of the people who visited the summits were the ones that directly affected and determined the investment decision.



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