Tender of 3 Multi-Storey Istanbul Tunnel is at 2020!

at the tender auction
at the tender auction

The Ministry allocated 2020 billion TL allowance for airline, railway and waterway infrastructure investments at 8.4. The lion's share in infrastructure projects will be given to “railway” projects…

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 2020 in air, rail and waterway infrastructure investments allocated for the 8.4 billion pounds.

The Ministry sent the 2020 Year Budget Report to Parliament. According to this; 20 project, 31 in railway sector, 11 in waterway sector and 62 project in airline sector, will be implemented in infrastructure investments.

Permanent solution to traffic

MilliyetAccording to the news in; A total of 2020 billion 8 million 470 thousand TL allowance was allocated for these projects in 995.

The lion's share in infrastructure projects will be given to “railway” projects. Railway projects include three-storey Great Istanbul Tunnel, Kars - Iğdır - December - Dilucu Railway Connection projects, which are still under investigation. 7.6 billion TL will be spent on railway projects. The ministry plans to provide a permanent solution to the traffic problem in the city with its strong railway.

According to the Ministry's report, the ministry's budget for the year 2020 29 billion 26 million 976 thousand TL was estimated. 2019 billion 27 billion budget allowance of the Ministry foreseen for 770 million in August 2019'da exceeding the total expenditure 32 billion 819 million TL said. In 2018, the ministry had spent 31 billion 338 million TL, exceeding the annual budget of 43 billion 405 million TL.

3 multi-storey tunnel tender at 2020

In the report, 2020 appropriations; survey project has been started but if the model is decided, the three-storey Istanbul Tunnel will be awarded with Build - Operate Transfer, Kars - Iğdır - December - Dilucu Railway Connection, Erzurum Tram Line, Gebze - Haydarpaşa - Sirkeci - Halkalı Improvement of the suburban line and the continuation of the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing Construction works, Istanbul Yenikapi - Incirli - Sefakoy Metro Line, Konya Light Rail System Lines Halkalı - Istanbul New Airport Construction and electronic work will be used in projects such as expressed.

In the airline, Rize - Artvin, Karaman, Yozgat, Bayburt and Gumushane airport superstructures are planned to spend.

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