15 July Democracy Bus Station Cleaning Work Description

july democracy bus station cleaning work description
july democracy bus station cleaning work description

15 July Democracy Bus Station (Greater Istanbul Bus Station) Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) is carrying out demolition and cleaning of abandoned and dangerous buildings.

15 July The owner of the Democracy Bus Station (Greater Istanbul Bus Station) 5 has been the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality since May 2019.

The IMM identifies and demolishes the abandoned, unhealthy and dangerous buildings in the bus station. Destroyed places are derelict, empty, orphaned or used as unauthorized storage. In these areas where even toilet needs cannot be met, it has been determined by members of the Police that there are public offenses such as drugs and harassment.

The IMM is set out as a part of its efforts to improve, streamline and secure the bus station.

After the demolition, IMM ISTAC teams start to work on cleaning and hygiene work. There are no enterprises operating under healthy conditions among the destroyed places. There are no demolition practices in places where tradesmen, trade and healthy conditions are provided.

IMM cannot send a written notification in accordance with the legislation as the demolished buildings do not have legal owners or tenants. For this reason, notification is made verbally and with large posters hanging on the bus station.

Demolitions are carried out by IMM Directorate of Municipal Police under the control of IMM Real Estate Directorate.

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