The Road to Yedikuyular Ski Center is Asphalted

asphalting road to yedikuyular ski resort
asphalting road to yedikuyular ski resort

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yedikuyular Ski Center, especially in the artery that provides access to Bertiz neighborhood began asphalt works.

Within the scope of the road construction and repair works of the Metropolitan Municipality, asphalt works started on Yedikuyular Road. Teams connected to the Department of Science Affairs for a while in the region was performing filling work. In order to prevent collapses on the road, old asphalt was removed and filling and compaction process was performed. Afterwards, the route was made ready for asphalt by laying material.

2 Thousand 400 Meter Route

Yedikuyular Ski Center and Bertiz Neighborhoods providing access to the 2 thousand 400 meters of asphalt works began in areas where the filling is completed. Fen We have started to work on asphalt in the regions where our filling and compaction processes are completed. 2 thousand 400 meter long and 14 meter wide artery will be completed in a short time. May our city be better ”.

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