Wage Unrest among Contractor Workers Continues at TÜVASAŞ

wage unrest among subcontracted workers
wage unrest among subcontracted workers

TÜVASAŞ'ta low-salary subcontracted workers who cut the excess salary given to them unrest continues. Management's application for additional allowances was rejected. Searching for remedy for tension between workers


TÜVASAŞ, wage polemic among subcontractor workers before the new year is experiencing. The factory, which has subcontracted workers close to 400, continues to have unrest among employees due to the fact that 13 has different salary tariffs. Personnel close to 20 who received 150 more than the minimum wage, applied to factory management and asked 40 percentages to be deducted and given to them by receiving 10 percent.


This demand led to division among the employees. Those who received low salary brought the issue to AKP Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever. The application of the factory management to the Treasury for an additional raise was also rejected. Cemal Yaman, Chairman of the Railway Business Branch, held a meeting with the workers last week. TÜVASAŞ Deputy General Manager Yakup Karabağ also participated in the meeting did not make a clear decision and unease continued to learn. (Sakaryayenihab is)

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