Viranşehir's 'Death Bridge' becomes history


📩 06/09/2019 12:37

The Metropolitan Municipality connects the Eser Rural Neighborhood, which is the furthest rural neighborhood on the Mardin border, 115 kilometers from Şanlıurfa, to the main road and the bridge called by the locals as the 'Bridge of Death'.
instead, it plans a new bridge construction to complete the work in a short time.

With its principle of 'Equal Service to All Districts' in Şanlıurfa, Metropolitan Municipality continues its 2019 work program without any problems. Having reached the border of Akçakale from the Siverek Karacadağ region, from the rural areas of Birecik to the Ceylanpınar border lines, the Metropolitan Municipality started its efforts to solve the problem of residents of Eser Neighborhood, which is the closest neighborhood to the Mardin border, 115 kilometers from the city center.

The people of the region took a breath of relief thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality, which has been connecting the Eser neighborhood to the main road for years and destroyed the Death Bridge, which posed a great danger with its destroyed sections, and accelerated its implementation for the construction of a new bridge instead. The bridge, where concrete casting and ground binding works continue, will also carry the stream bed on the route to a safe dimension.


Indicating that the bridge construction works started after they conveyed their problems to President Beyazgül, the residents of Eser Mahalle thanked Mayor Beyazgül and his team for their approach. Indicating that the transportation problems will be solved thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality, Eser District Head, Mehmet Fadıl Durdu said, “I have been a headman for 25 years. In recent years, the bridge was no longer able to pass through the giant pits on it. There was great concern, especially when large vehicles were crossing the bridge. Thank God it's now being done. Thanks to our voice, our Metropolitan Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül heard. I thank him and his team on behalf of my neighborhood. ”


On the other hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its road construction activities throughout the district, continues its road construction practices on the 124th Street, which is a school district in Viransehir. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, who are busy with the construction machines and their staff to open the road as soon as possible, will bring the route to the terrace level first and then start asphalting works.

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