Kadifekaleli Children will also sail

velvet children will also sail
velvet children will also sail

The third edition of the Izmir Gulf Festival, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was left behind with breathtaking races and colorful images. Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality who gave their awards to the winners on the last day of the festival, stated that they will carry the passion of sea and sailing to the back of the city.

İzmir Gulf Festival, which was held for the third time this year, brought the citizens to the sea and sailing. The people of İzmir and those who came to İzmir for the festival experienced an unforgettable visual feast accompanied by the bay view decorated with colorful sails. After the completion of the races attended by approximately 400 athletes in Izmir Bay, the successful teams were given awards with the program organized at the historical Gas Factory last night. The Orchestra team was the owner of the overall trophy, while Arnes was the second and Arkas-MAT Sailing Team the third. Cygnus Sailing, which is composed of all women sailors competed by İzmir Mayor Tunç Soyer, won the special award of the race.

Back rows meet the sea

Speaking at the award ceremony, the Mayor of Izmir Soyer said that a very successful organization was left behind and that they will start working to carry this festival to an international dimension as of next year. President Soyer, another step will be taken to implement the sailing activities for children from Kadifekaleni 15 October as announced. Soyer stated that they would establish a sailing club with 10 child in the first place and said, “This club will start with an optimist. Thank you very much to Mr. Bernard and to Arkas. They assign their boats and their coaches. I wish that each of these children will be a sailing coach and they will teach sailing to the children in their back quarters.. Mayor Tunç Soyer thanked his teammates, all of whom were women racers.

Everything for Izmir and sailing

Turkey Sailing Federation President in his speech at the Ozlem Akdurak awards ceremony, Izmir's sea and sailing is a chance for the city of having a loving president said, just a day not 365 days, he said increased hope in the direction of dealing with sailing the people of Ontario. Bernard Arkas, Vice Chairman of Arkas Board of Directors, stressed that President Tunç Soyer's thinking in the same direction excited them. “As Arkas family, we will always do our best to support the sail in Izmir, especially in the Gulf of İzmir Ege.

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