The Park's Public Market Shift

TransportationParkin Public Marketplace
TransportationParkin Public Marketplace

TransportationPark A.Ş., an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, provides transportation to the public market established on Thursday and Saturday by line 11 and tram services. With the line 11, citizens can travel on the routes of Doğukışla-Governorship - İzmit City 1-2-3 and Erenler on the days when the public market was established and on other days. 49 on weekdays and Saturdays 29, which runs 11 flights on Sunday, is loved and preferred by the citizens.


While the Public Market was established, TransportationPark garage supervisor controls the vehicles instantly, reinforces additional points at the point where the density increases, and provides the citizens arriving and departing to the market clean, comfortable and on time. In total, 42 stops by picking up and taking passengers off the bus stop, making it easier for citizens to access the public market on other days.


The 18 tram, the 14 station and the 20 tram, which serves the citizens throughout the year, also runs the Akçaray tram on Thursday and Saturday to ensure that citizens arrive at the public market in a comfortable, hygienic and timely manner. The tram, which runs 274 on Thursday during the weekday where the market is established, performs 252 flights on Saturday at the weekend. 6 times per minute are reduced to up to 5 minutes with additional trips due to the intensity of stations.


TransportationPark, an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is considering the safety of the citizens who provide transportation to the public market area while facilitating the transportation of the citizens. It increases the number of employees by reinforcing the security personnel present in the East Barracks station during the day and thus ensures the control of the entrances and exits. The suspects are controlled by the security and control center. If the control is clear, the person is taken to the station or tram.

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