Trabzon Light Rail System Project Has Started!

trabzon light rail project started
trabzon light rail project started

📩 11/09/2019 11:08

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Murat Zorluoğlu shared the latest situation regarding the Light Rail System Project which is planned to be made to Trabzon.

Mayor Zorluoğlu said, önceki The project was prepared by our Metropolitan Municipality and sent to the Ministry of Transportation. It is a very high cost project. Prices are 2018. The project will need an update. According to the new Transportation Master Plan. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport has started work themselves. We form a team at the technical level between the Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport. This team will follow. Cost-effective project. We are making great efforts for the realization of our state within the framework of its means. The city desires such a project. Trabzon, I think it would suit me very well. Rail systems are projects that add a different air to metropolitan cities not only as transportation but also as city furniture. It is the project that we will try to implement in a short time with the pioneering opportunities. X (61Saat)

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