Tourism Training for Istanbul Airport Taxi Drivers

tourism training for Istanbul airport taxi drivers
tourism training for Istanbul airport taxi drivers

📩 07/04/2020 12:56

The 'Istanbul Airport Taxi Trainers Tourism Training Program', which will be attended by 1550 taxi drivers, 45 academicians, writers, artists and experts in their fields and will last until October 4, has started. Those who complete the training successfully will be given the 'Tourist Friendly Taxi Driver' logo.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya stated that the tourists who came to Istanbul Airport first saw the police, customs officials and then the taxi drivers, and the taxi drivers should meet the tourists with a good smile. Stating that “We aim to generate 2023 million foreign tourists and 70 billion dollars of income in 70”, Yerlikaya stated that on 18 October, a workshop on taxis will be held with the participation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, district municipalities, universities and professional chambers and other stakeholders.

Stating that there have been 29 thousand 17 taxis in Istanbul for 395 years but the number of tourists has increased in 29 years, Yerlikaya said, “We cannot remove this. This must be a career profession for our driver brother. It will be such a profession that it will not be obtained easily, its income, social security, insurance will be like a man. I want this and we will work together. ”

Three months Yilmaz noted that they prepare the training program, expressed, "Turkey is the best teacher of them found a teaching staff of 45 people taking part here. We requested the State Theaters and prepared a special scenario just for the sake of education. A team of 15 people will make you a hands-on theater on the relationship of taxi and tourist. Our Provincial Police Department sends out the best staff. Our provincial health personnel will be here with a team of 6 people. "The training you get here will be with you throughout your life, not just with your customers as a taxi driver," he said. (T24)

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