163rd Anniversary of TCDD Celebrated with Enthusiasm in Afyonkarahisar

tcdd'nin year anniversary celebrated with enthusiasm afyonkarahisarda
tcdd'nin year anniversary celebrated with enthusiasm afyonkarahisarda

Due to the 163rd Anniversary of TCDD, firstly a courtesy visit was made to the Governor of Afyonkarahisar Mustafa Tutulmaz by TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri. Regional Manager Sivri gave information about the 163 years history of TCDD and the activities and projects carried out in Afyonkarahisar as the Regional Directorate.

After the visit, all the staff came together for the 163rd Anniversary at the Historical Ali Çetinkaya Station and a celebration ceremony was held. After the stance of respect for the railway martyrs and the National Anthem, the Regional Manager Adem Sivri made a speech about the vision and activities he undertook in the historical adventure of TCDD.

In his speech, “Our national organization TCDD has gone beyond the transportation vehicle in its history of over a century and a half, leading to the victory of the national struggle and the development of our country in every economic, social and cultural field. Our people in the remotest corners of Anatolia met the first doctor, the first drinking water, the first sports club, the first library, the first cinema under the leadership of the railways. Our railway stations and railway lines, which are the only meeting place of not only the travelers but also the people in daily life; With its agriculture, afforestation and environmental arrangements, it has been an example of places that bring cultural richness to the region. As an institution that builds high-speed train lines and successfully operates high-speed train lines, we continue our economic, social and cultural responsibilities as in the past. I present my love and respect by celebrating the 163rd anniversary of our rooted establishment TCDD. ” said.

Following the ceremony at Ali Çetinkaya Gar, the regional manager Adem Sivri, who came together at the railway and the Warden Cafe and Rural Garden of the TCDD Social Facilities, wished to come together in various activities within the framework of mutual exchange of views for the railways. . It was agreed that the Rural Garden is very suitable for the activities to be organized by NGOs operating on the railway.

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