The Cost of Tatarstan for the Mega Highway to Connect Europe and China Has Been Determined

tatarstan cost of mega highway to connect gin with europe
tatarstan cost of mega highway to connect gin with europe

The cost of the part of the highway, which will be built to connect the west of Europe and China, through Tatarstan, has been calculated as 37 billion rubles, that is, 405 million dollars. Communicating the issue, TASS agency wrote that 4,3 billion rubles of the project cost will be provided from the state budget and 23,8 billion rubles will be covered by the private sector.

The Republic of Tatarstan will also contribute 9,5 billion rubles to the project.

The part of the toll highway between Moscow and Kazan is expected to increase the number of tourists visiting Tatarstan.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the townships of Kazan, such as Kamsko-Ustinski, Spasski and Zelenodolski, will also make major tourist improvements after the road is opened.

The new highway will connect the three federal roads that pass through Tatarstan, serve as a ring road circulating around Kazan and provide access to the Innopolis Special Economic Zone on the shortest route.

The subject was reflected in the media in July with the following news: Approval was received from Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev for the China - Russia - Europe meridian highway project, which started last year in Russia and was completed as a result of long efforts. According to the project, the highway will start from China. From here, the highway to be connected to Aktöbe, Kazakhstan will be connected to Orenburg, Russia. The highway, which continues from Saratov, Tambov, Lipetsk, Oryol, Bryanskaya and Smolensk regions of Russia, will finally be connected to Belarus and from there to Europe. The highways of all cities, including Moscow, will be connected to the road, which will pass through the south of the capital Moscow. Thus, Chinese goods can easily reach Europe via Russia. Russia will be able to send its goods to Europe and China via this highway. It will take its place among the countries that make the best use of this project in countries such as Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The project, called the Meridian highway, will have a full 2 thousand kilometers in length. The estimated budget for the project is set at 9.4 billion dollars. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who approved the project, instructed the Ministry of Transport of Russia and asked for negotiations with the Russian private companies and countries and private companies such as China, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The main contractor of the project was CJSC Russian Holding Company, one of the leading companies in Russia. Medvedev again instructed the executives of this company and asked for the participation of investors and investors in the project.

Source: türkrus

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