Car Crashes at a Level Crossing in Tarsus, 4 Injured

tarsus injured on a level crossing
tarsus injured on a level crossing

Tarsus district of Mersin in a train accident that occurred during the night, freight train hit the level crossing 4 people were injured in the car.

According to information obtained, the accident occurred during the night 22.15 ranks, crossing the level crossing on the Yenice District Yunacik Road. Adana-Niğde freight train, which is in the direction of the 63641 expedition, crossing the border crossing barrier does not exist during the direction of the administration of ME Yunacık 63 B 4554 plate collided with the vehicle. In the accident, the driver ME injured ZE, baby BE and KBE 4 people, who were found as passengers in the car. The wounded were summoned to the scene by medical teams Tarsus State Hospital.

An investigation into the accident was initiated by the gendarmerie.

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