The Largest Road Work in Tarsus History Begins

tarsus history has started the largest road work
tarsus history has started the largest road work

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Tarsus has initiated the largest road work in the history of the district. Tarsus District Pirömerli-Boztepe-Böğrüeğri Neighborhoods and other neighborhoods in the region that connects the group road is of great importance for transportation, Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams are paved. Thanks to the work, the road left idle for years 2, Metropolitan Municipality teams will be made available to the public as soon as possible.

Work in progress

Metropolitan Municipality teams, 2 thousand 500 meters 1 on the road to the group. floor surface asphalt pavement completed quickly.
When the ongoing work is completed, the total 10 km-long road, including roads made asphalt-ready, is made up of 1. floor surface asphalt coating work will be done.

2 year-old road safety spot now gets asphalt

On the road connecting Piromerli-Boztepe-Bogrughri Neighborhoods and which is of great importance for transportation to other neighborhoods in the region, 2 had been exploded by the teams of Metropolitan Municipality as a large scale limestone block.
For the citizens living in the region, road safety was ensured thanks to the rock block that was destroyed by blasting technique on the grounds that it jeopardized the safety of the road without alternatives. After the road expansion works, asphalt pavement works were also started.

Fire: “We will get rid of dust and mud”

Ramazan Ateş, Headman of Böğrüeğri Neighborhood, thanked the Mayor Vahap Seçer for his paving works in the neighborhoods and said, or I thank my Mayor for giving us this service and I pay my respects. We had work on expansion here for about 4 years. Because of this there was no such work. Our asphalt is here. Making our way. We couldn't go anywhere because our roads were broken. Cars, garden, agriculture were always in dust. Thank God we are now making our way and we will get rid of dust and mud, ”he said.

Olamaz Nothing better than that ”

Ahmet Koç, who has been a barber for 60 in the neighborhood of Böğrüeğri, said, “This road had been enlarged but not asphalted. As the vehicles pass, dust is generated. We've suffered a lot from dust, pits on the road, disturbances. The boxes were damaged and the products were damaged because the road was bad. That's why we only market our products here. We've had a lot of difficulties before that, but it'il get better. We would like to thank our Mayor as the people of Böğrüğri. Our asphalt is spilled. It can't be any better than that..

“This place was like a deprivation zone”

Kenan Ateş, who made production in his neighborhood and said he couldn't take it to the center and sell it, said, kimse No one has reached this road for years. There was a coating. Then winter came down. Transportation was very difficult. This was like a deprivation zone. Now Vahap Seçer started to make a road with our President. The buyer didn't come because the road was broken and our fruits didn't pay. Our path was expanded in a beautiful way..

Uz Disgusting our way ”

The headman, Bayram Aydin, said, “I have been a tradesman here since 1985. Since then it has not been paved. I was loading peaches in the car. Peaches were dusted and not sold until they reached Adana. Now the road is expanding. Pouring asphalt. God bless you. It'il be much better from now on. Citizens also expressed their satisfaction ”.

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