Self Generating Tram Station

self-generating tram station
self-generating tram station

Station That Generates Its Energy. Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of IMM, installed 8,4 kw power Solar Energy System at Metris Tram stop. The system, which is able to meet the electricity needs of the 7 households annually, provides the necessary energy for the station.

As the most environmentally friendly means of transport, the subways went one step further to produce their own energy. Within the scope of the project initiated by Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), an 8,4 kw Solar System was installed at Metris Tram Stop. Total 6 84w flexible solar panels were installed on the roof of the 100 waiting platform at the station.

Equivalent to 147 tree planting per year…

The “Green Bus Stop elektrik concept is used in this study and the electricity generated is used in the internal needs of the bus stop. The system generates an average of 10 MWh electricity annually and also prevents 5,8 tonnes of carbon emissions per year. Metris Stop Solar Power Plant, which is able to meet the electricity needs of the 7 households annually, is equivalent to the withdrawal of the 5 vehicle from traffic and the planting of the 147 tree.

With this project, Metro Istanbul aims to raise awareness of passengers and employees and encourage the use of renewable energy resources.

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