Citizen Rebellion to Sapanca Cable Car Project

revolt of the citizens of the Sapanca cable car project
revolt of the citizens of the Sapanca cable car project

The cable car project to be implemented in Sapanca, which is one of the most preferred places for tourists with its nature and unique beauties, caused the reaction of the citizens. The project, which will cause the cutting down of 3 thousand trees, will be carried out in the park and earthquake collection area.

SözcüAccording to the news of Ismail Sahin; “Teleferic Project ırk, which was tendered by Sapanca Municipality last year to contribute to tourism, will start from Kırkpınar Neighborhood and will end at Mahmudiye İncebel location after a thousand 500 meters.

The project, which will be built by Bursa Teleferik A.Ş with the build-operate-transfer model valid for 25 year, will cost approximately 80 million pounds.


Citizens living in Sapanca Kırkpınar stated that they applied to the court to stop the execution “The court has not yet decided to stop the execution. Works should not be started when there are lawsuits filed and ongoing. ”

MMO Sakarya Province Representative Salim Aydın, who made a statement on behalf of TMMOB components, said: alan The selected area in Kırkpınar is an Emergency Disaster Gathering area and a children's park and recreation area used by the local people. It is also a land that has been donated to the state in the past, provided that it is not used by the people of the region for any other purpose. ”


17 thousand square meters of the cable line section of the 5 - 80 range of approximately one thousand trees will be cut Salim Aydin, "Cable car project is done here will reduce both the green area and erosion, floods and floods will increase risk," he said.

Aydın stated that there is no information about the construction of a cable car or any structure in the region anywhere in the 1 / 100000 scale Environmental Plan approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Metropolitan Municipality and non-governmental organizations in Sakarya province. years later, without approved application projects in their hands, they signified the characteristics of the construction without even hanging the signage, they hurriedly accompanied the police and tried to enter the area with private security. The impact of such an initiative on the flora fauna structure rather than the commercial return it will create in the region needs to be determined with the expert staff of universities and professional organizations ”.


Arda Nihat Şahin, a CHP member of the Sapanca Municipality Council, stated that the cable car exit point should be taken elsewhere and said, zaten The traffic problem is already progressing in the region. This investment decreases the value of Kırkpınar which has the highest land value. The telephric project has to come out of a more idle location in Sapanca and reach the plateau and from there to Kartepe. ”

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