Cable Car Watch in Sapanca Kırkpınar!

kirkpinarda cable car nobeti
kirkpinarda cable car nobeti

Citizens are resisting against the cable car project to be applied to the village pasture in Sapanca Kırkpınar Hasanpaşa neighborhood. Local people took precautions while police kept watch

A short time ago in the Kırkpınar neighborhood of Sapanca, the construction of the cable car project, which was tendered with the state, started to be troubled. the citizen is fighting for the green field.

Residents applied to the court to stop the execution said, 'The court has not yet decided to stop the execution. While there are lawsuits filed and ongoing, the continuation of the study will cause problems in the future.

In this process, the officials of the Municipality of Sapanca do not make a statement about the issue, while the tension at the scene is held by the citizens.

In the meantime, the company took the cable car tender to the region with security and their own staff is waiting for attention. (MEDYAB is)


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