Good news to the fans of Samsunspor! Sunday Tram Free

samsunspor fan mujde Sunday free tram free
samsunspor fan mujde Sunday free tram free

Samsun Mayor Mustafa Demir, Samsunspor fans on Sunday will be the first match of the league will be played for the match Pendikspor announced that trams can use free of charge

Entering the new season 'championship' password Yilport Samsunspor'da entering the first field of the season in the excitement of the first match in the field of the news of the Mayor Mustafa Demir came from the good news. Mayor Demir said on Sunday evening that fans could use the trams 'free' to reach the stadium.


Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Demir, said in a statement on the subject:
“Our Samsunspor will start at 19.00 on Sunday and our trams will give service to our fans showing Passolig Card, Paper Ticket and Passolig Mobile Boarding Card between 17.00 - 22.45 hours for the first match of Pendikspor which will be the first match to play in their field. In addition, Samsunspor jersey fans who do not have tickets and will get from the stadium will be able to benefit from the tram for free. ”


Repeating the wishes of success in the new season Samsunspor'a President Mustafa Demir, “Our team this season, the rope to the 1'inci League first, and then we believe that the Super League will rise. This journey is a Super League journey. We wish our team endless success on this road with a whole new excitement and a new hope. I would like to state once again that we will provide all kinds of support during the whole season. ”
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