Public Transportation in İzmir starts in Winter

public transportation begins in izmir
public transportation begins in izmir

With the end of the summer holiday in schools, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is also passing the Winter Period flight schedule in public transportation. From Monday to September, 9 bus and rail services will be operated according to the new regulation. During peak hours, the frequency of subway trips will be reduced to 3 minutes.

9, where schools will be opened September 2019 The public transportation systems of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will operate according to the timetable of the “Winter Term Work Program Dön. Buses within the General Directorate of ESHOT, Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram will increase the number of passengers in line with the expected number of passengers. Current timetables of buses is available at.

Metro flights to 3 in minutes

İzmir Metro will be operating again in the morning when 3 is frequently used. In the new period, which will start with the opening of schools, flights are becoming more frequent in İzmir Metro and İzmir Tram. According to the rail system route plan to be implemented in winter and spring period, 9 reduces the Izmir Metro journey interval to 3 minutes as of September, while 5 minutes in Konak Tramway, Karşıyaka 7,5 minutes on the tram will be applied in the frequency of time.

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