Bursa's Main Transportation Agenda 'Public Transportation and Novices Node'

public transportation and recruits
public transportation and recruits

📩 02/09/2019 10:34

We see that… 1984-1989 period Bursa Municipality Council was the most productive council ever. Initially, the efforts for the solution of traffic and transportation problems were made during that period when Ekrem Barışık was the president and transportation projects were produced.
Ataevler settlement area was planned at that time through the cooperativeization that brought the formation of Nilüfer district today.
1989 local election was marked by transportation and air pollution as the 2 issue of Bursa. In the first months of the late Teoman Özalp period, which started rapidly, Çatalfırın, Demirtaşpaşa and the Hal Junction, which is today's Metropolitan Municipality next to the crossroads and viaducts were built.
Even if they are discussed today, the traffic rift that has started to be experienced due to the intersection of the roads has been solved with those projects, Bursaray was planned.
Erdem Saker also implemented the Gökdere Junction and Near Ring Road projects during the 1994-1999 period, and laid the foundation for the Bursaray project.
We will say:
Bursa has been talking about the transportation problem since the 1989 elections, all the Mayors who are in charge of the city and are thinking about solving this issue.
31 March Before the 2019 local elections, Alinur Aktaş appeared before the citizens with transportation investments and announced important projects.
On weekdays…
A new step was taken and Transportation Working Group was established within BKK with the invitation of Şevket Orhan, Chairman of Bursa City Council.
Presidency da
M. Tözün Bingöl, the Civil Engineer, who was the Chairman of the Transportation Commission of the Chamber of Civil Engineers and who gave his years to the Highways, was the responsibility of these columns. Cengiz Duman from IMO Transportation Commission also took part.
The Bursa City Council Transportation Working Group, which was formed by those who were worried about the problems of Bursa, met with Mayor Alinur Aktaş and transportation bureaucrats within the week.
BKK President Şevket Orhan and Vice President Sevil Pamirol and Burulaş General Manager Kürşat Çapar presented their suggestions at the meeting.
The first meeting, which emerged as the main agenda public transport and unraveling the novices node, was fruitful, gave hope for a solution.

First goal: Effective use of Bursaray

Bursaray, whose feasibility was initiated by Ekrem Barışık, preparing Teoman Özalp's project, laying the foundation of Erdem Saker and completing the first stage of Erdoğan Bilenser, is very important for the city transportation.
Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, initiated projects to carry more passengers.
These were also discussed at the meeting held with the Bursa City Council Transportation Working Group. Burulaş General Manager Kürşat Çapar gave information about more effective usage studies. (Olay - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)

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